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CSR Initiatives

Free and Quality Education for the Children of Our Laborers

Our CSR practices are all encompassing and compassionate. We believe in providing equal opportunities to all. Concerned as we are about the future generations of millions of blue collared workers, who earn their living toiling in the hot sun working as laborers and daily wage earners, we have setup a fund to provide free and quality education for the children of all those invaluable laborers who work in our construction sites.

By providing free and quality education to the children of our contractual employees, we believe that they would be able to rise above their present circumstances and explore better opportunities and be able to become successful when they grow up.

Healthcare Center for Laborers

The health and wellbeing of laborers has been one of our main concerns. They are truly invaluable to the real estate sector as it’s due to their hard work and dedication that these wonderful projects get to see the light of the day. To ensure that they stay fit and robust we provide our people with excellent healthcare facilities and services. The health center is completely free for all contractual workers and permanent laborers working on our projects.

Purified RO Drinking Water Facilities for Laborers

In order to ensure that our laborers’ health and wellbeing never gets compromised we provide them with RO water facilities. This is something that you will find at all our construction sites and living quarters built for our laborers.